WilsonPro Enterprise 1337R C-Band 5G Repeater


The WilsonPro Enterprise 1337R is compatible with mid-band 5G frequencies operating at 3.7 to 3.8 GHz. Upgrade existing WilsonPro systems with this 5G-exclusive repeater that amplifies and extends C-Band coverage. The unit also includes secure remote management with built-in LTE connectivity.
The Enterprise 1337 FEATURES:  
• Secure remote monitoring via WilsonPro Cloud 
• Requires no additional backhaul, data plan, or recurring fees 
• Includes comprehensive network protection 
• Time Division Duplex (TDD) automatically syncs the repeater to the carrier network 
• Software Defined Filtering (SDF) targets a specific carrier network to amplify 
• Two separate amplification paths to support 2×2 MIMO or multiple towers 
• Two indoor and outdoor antenna ports 
• Install as a standalone unit or add-on to the existing WilsonPro system * ! 
About Specifications The Enterprise 1337R is the newest C-band 5G repeater solution from WilsonPro. 
The enterprise-grade repeater is compatible with mid-band frequency 5G operating at 3.7 – 3.8 GHz. Sold as a repeater only, it’s an excellent upsell opportunity to upgrade existing WilsonPro 1300 and 4300 systems to support additional 5G coverage. With automatic TDD synchronization with the cellular network, it instantly amplifies C-band signal and requires no additional backhaul to extend 5G right away. With included SDF, you target a specific network to amplify. The Enterprise 1337R offers additional flexibility with dual paths available for either a 2×2 MIMO or split mode setup. 
The repeater requires indoor and outdoor C-band antennas and 50-ohm coaxial cable with N-type connectors. Available with 50-ohm N-type connectors. 
Fits a standard (2U) rack. Carrier approval is required to turn on this repeater which is handled by myself.
For pricing and more info, contact 714-852-3700.

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