Strategic Services

Strategic Services to Boost Your Network’s Connectivity

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Custom Engineered Project Design

We offer a design configuration assistance program for areas more than 10,000 sq. ft. Our team can provide you with a custom configuration strategy based on your floor plans using iBwave software.

You can rely on us to offer a budgetary, bill of materials, and installation overview quote at no cost. If you require on-site installation, our certified national & Canadian technicians are here to help.

Turnkey Installations

Max Boost Wireless offers custom Turnkey Installations using Union and Non-Union certified technicians experienced in DAS, Passive DAS, Public Safety, FirstNet and small cell technology requirements. Our installation includes Cloud based application, which allows our dedicated Tech Support Team to manage and monitor installed cellular amplifiers from smart phone, tablet, laptop or any device with a web browser.

Our online Cloud based remote monitoring sends customized e-mail and text notifications to alert you to any status change of your installed amplifiers; including notification if a system ever goes offline. Our experienced network design engineers can customize a solution for you using the iBwave Heat map software, which can identify the capacity requirements of your property. Reach us at [email protected]

Surecall Certified Installer

Public Safety & First Net Ready

According to the International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), newly constructed buildings that are 50,000 sq. ft. or 10,000 sq. ft. below the ground should have a signal strength of -95dBm or better before they can be issued a Certificate of Occupancy. This is required especially for the property’s critical areas, such as elevators and stairwells.

To fulfill this prerequisite, we offer the Guardian3 QR Signal Amplifier. This device improves the quality of first responder communications, especially in buildings that have weak signal strength in their critical areas.