Wilson Pro Network 257 mmWave 5G Outdoor Repeater


The unique design of the Network 257 allows it to extend or fill in 5G coverage outside. Cutting-edge dielectric waveguide antenna technology allows the Network 257 to efficiently extend 5G coverage to multiple, simultaneous users in a wide area. With built-in dual-polarization that supports MIMO, throughput to any user can be doubled.  The donor antenna receives source signals from up to 10 km from the originating gNB. While the server antenna supports up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth.  The hardware can be configured to broadcast a variety of beamwidths, from +/-8 to +/-45. This flexibility allows coverage to be amplified both in line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight applications.  As a layer zero repeater, it’s rapidly deployed anywhere outside with power. No additional backhaul connectivity is required.  The customizable and durable system withstands rugged environments and extreme temperatures with an IP67 rating. Remote management services are readily available with LTE connectivity via a replaceable, internal mini card. Telemetry data is available in real-time, alerts are automated, and manual adjustments can be made from any cellular connected device.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more and have outside areas needing 5G Signals.

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