Westell CS14-710-810 Public Safety 700/SMR 800 Signal Booster


PS51080-SNMP, 80 dB gain, 27 dBm, Public Safety 700/SMR 800 Signal Booster

The PS51080-SNMP is an in-building repeater that will meet both the existing public safety communication regulations and future mandates for emergency and disaster preparedness communications.

The Model PS51080-SNMP is NFPA 72/1221 code compliant with NEMA Type 4 enclosure, independent control of the 700 and 800 MHz bands, 80 dB gain, and 27 dBm (1/2 watt).

This BDA is part of an entire DAS (Distributed Antenna Solution). Westell also offers the battery backup solution, donor antenna, splitters/couplers/tappers and the indoor antennas as a complete solution.

Product Highlights

  • NFPA 72/1221 code compliant Class B Amplifier
  • UL Listed
  • FirstNet Ready
  • 700 and 800 MHz bands independently controlled
  • Multiple Passband options
  • Independent power and gain controller per band
  • Sharp SAW filtering reduces interference
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Dry contacts for fire panel connection
  • 80 dB gain
  • 27 dBm (1/2 watt)

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