ChargePoint Express 250 DC Fast Charging Station


Every year more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the road and newer EVs can travel farther than ever. For most EVs, AC charging is enough, but there are times when faster charging is necessary. The ChargePoint Express 250 is the right station for those occasions; whether you want to complement an AC charging program or need fueling for longer distance trips.

The Express 250 provides high-power DC charging in a small footprint. It is thoughtfully designed and is as intuitive to use and manage as an AC station. Express 250 is a smart, networked fast charger that offers all the functionality of the ChargePoint Network with all the protection of ChargePoint Assure.

The Express 250 can be deployed two different ways to best meet the needs of the location.

Standalone Express 250

A single Express 250 offers flexibility with your EV charging program. Its small footprint makes it easy to deploy and gives drivers the ability to add range quickly if an AC station isn’t available.

With 25% more power than 50 kW stations, the Express 250 allows sites to charge more vehicles faster. As demand for fast charging increases, a single station can be paired to provide more power.

Paired Express 250

A Paired Express 250 installation does more than just double the power of a single station. It is a smart solution that shares power between the two stations to better address the energy requirements of vehicles.

In a paired configuration, the Express 250 can charge two vehicles at the same time and share power based on power allocation polices that best meet the demands of the site. The paired configuration is redundant, ensuring that stations continue to operate if issues arise.

The Paired Express 250 is the best way to support current and future vehicles with the same installation.

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